"Within the body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage we can ever make is within our own body" – Saraha



 I offer a 15 minute Complimentary Consultation via Skype or phone. During that time we will discuss your intentions and see if we are a fit to work together. If so, I will email an intake form for you to complete, to be discussed at a first session.


         Initial Private Session & Intake  2 hour  $200

Exploration of boundary setting, finding your true voice, empowerment exercises, discussion of your intentions, history, goals, desires and if you wish, to plan a future session.

Subsequent Private Sessions    

Single sessions after initial intake:       1.5 hour 180       2 hour  $200

Prepaid Sessions Option #1................... (3 x 1.5 hour: $160/session) $480 save $60
Prepaid Sessions Option #2.................. (5 x 1.5 hour: $150/session) $750 save $150

Couples Sessions: Minimum 1.5 hour session recommended for couples

1.5 hour - $220

2 hour - $250

Skype/Phone Sessions  1 hour $75.00 

Sessions take place in a safe, supportive environment and are based on a foundation of clear intentions and strict boundaries as set by the Association of Sexological Bodyworkers Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. I remain fully clothed throughout a session and touch is one directional, from me to you, always. Somatic Sex Education is not sexual surrogacy.

The focus of each session is on individual development, personal growth, expansion and education. Clients learning to embody the erotic self often awaken a profound sense of joy, wellness and personal freedom that positively affects all aspects of their lives. I meet each person where they are at in each moment and assist them in rewiring neural pathways to their unique erotic landscape and pleasures.

My practice supports client directed touch for healing, personal growth, confidence building, empowerment and pleasure. You do not have to undress in any session, it is your choice. Your no is just as celebrated as your yes! In your sessions you will experience unconditional acceptance and support. Your voice, choice and consent lead the experience and are always honored. 

Your needs are paramount, and all of your boundaries, feelings and experiences are respected. I wholeheartedly support you on your journey of unfoldment and discovery.

You can expect confidentiality, clear communication and attentive focus while creating a sense of safety, ease and play. My role during our session time together is to hold a safe container for you to connect deeply with yourself, to assist you in staying connected and present to what arises for you and to help you create a new relationship and intimate connection with yourself.

I provide loving presence and permission for you to receive. Sessions are tailored to each persons specific needs. This is an opportunity to invest in your sexual health and exercise your pleasure.
I'd like this work to be accessable to everyone. If budgeting is a concern please email and share with me what you'd like to learn and I'll consider how we may be able to make this available.