”I feel like this work is an offering of exactly what I needed to begin to bridge a gap between what has been missing in myself and bringing that into relationship in my life. Today I learned new ways of engaging that makes me feel more alive and sensual.”  Jane M.

“Wow, what a beautiful journey that was for me today. Thank you so much for your lovely touch, guidance and support. I felt so welcomed by your warm presence, and utterly assured that I was safe to have whatever experience I needed to have, within my comfort zone. What a wonderful space you held in which I was able to explore asking for exactly what I wanted, tune in more deeply to my sexual energy, and explore the movement of that energy throughout my body with breath..and simply enjoy receiving some delicious touch! I could feel a tangible shift through my whole being after the session, and was already told I have a noticeable glow! Thank you, I will wholeheartedly recommending you to some friends.” Tanya .

“Yesterday’s session with you was, in a word, safe. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. These sessions are helping me become more confident. Some things I noted were how I was able to ride new sensations of pleasure in my body and be fully present. Breath work was the key for me in getting there. I used to be so distracted and disconnected. I want to keep learning, experiencing and growing and I’d certainly like to carry on with sessions.” Steve, Health Care Professional

"Our last session has made a tremendously positive impact on my mental well being and in my daily life. I truly see the huge steps I've taken. Your wisdom, coaching and support are very helpful as I practice putting these skills to use. I look forward to working with you further as I progress on my journey". William P, Athlete

" Working with boundaries and finding my empowered voice was transformational! I feel safe and capable to express myself in new ways. I didn't realize how frozen I had felt around asking for what I want. I didn't even know what I wanted so no wonder communicating was problematic. Learning how to slow down and connect put me in touch with my body and I was able to access my needs and desires". Sara