Pleasure Guide & Embodiment Coach

My vibrant life experiences and studies have happily led me to this place of working intimately with courageous explorers who wish to deepen their experience of embodiment and pleasure. I am an avid student of life, curious and fascinated with the intersections of sexuality, spirit and the sacred. I am an enthusiastic supporter of sexual awakenings, it was natural for me to embrace the role of a Somatic Sex Educator.

This work is guided by years of independent research, my astute intuition, ongoing self development, personal transformation, field related courses and program studies, as well as my own profound healing and formal training as a certified Massage Practitioner and Sexological Bodyworker/Somatic Sex Educator. I offer heart-centered, trauma-informed bodywork, education and coaching for those who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure.

I believe conscious sexual energy and breath are our greatest sources of aliveness and vitality and that to fully embrace all of who we are we need to include our sexuality. The world needs sexuality education and I am proud to be a beacon of light in this emerging field. I love creating sacred space in a safe and nourishing environment where people can explore pleasure and unconditional acceptance.

It is my intention to support people of all sizes, shapes, sexual orientation and gender identity in a safe, non judgmental, compassionate way to best develop their full erotic potential while untangling cultural and societal shame around sexuality.

Educational Resources

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